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Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Taught in Thousands of Schools in Hundreds of Subjects Worldwide

Getting new ideas into schools is never an easy task. However, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn has done just that, in astonishing fashion. Not only is Ishmael taught in thousands of schools, but even more astounding is the diversity of uses. Quinn's ideas are making their way into schools at all levels of the educational system, from middle schools all the way up to graduate programs. Moreover, the book is used in an unbelievable variety of different courses.

Daniel Quinn himself spent more than 20 years in educational publishing as a writer, editor, and executive. Based on his unique understanding of how to bring these ideas to the classroom, he offers The Ishmael Companion, a set of free downloadable teacher tools. The Ishmael Companion also offers testimony from teachers using Ishmael in a great variety of different courses in all levels of education.

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