Since Ishmael by Daniel Quinn was published in 1991, it has inspired a vast array of readers, including many well-known celebrities, such as Pearl Jam and Oprah Winfrey. While these famous readers receive the bulk of the media attention, it is everyday people like us - businesspeople, artists, professionals, programmers, students, tradeworkers - for whom Daniel Quinn writes. And it is us, the everyday people, who have been inspired by the millions.

Over the past several years, Ishmael readers around the world have begun to find each other. In the process, they realized something very unique. Despite being from different backgrounds, different jobs, even different nations, Ishmael helped to explain that feeling that something was missing in our rat race lifestyles, that there was more to life than this, and that the common solutions being offered by our culture were not working. Moreover, they maintained a common desire to share this understanding with others. This site is the product of that desire.

Readers from throughout the world have come together to create Each has lent his or her best talents, be it writing, editing, drawing or programming, in the hopes of sharing with you something that has deeply inspired them. All of the writing, graphics, hosting, and funding of this site come from readers themselves. receives no funding or donations of any kind from Daniel Quinn or his publisher. Furthermore, there is no profit made by anyone from this site's sales. All proceeds from the site go to help maintain and promote the site so that Ishmael can be shared with others.

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